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The Magnum FP Packer system enables high-pressure cycling without leakage in a wide range of applications and casing sizes. The Magnum FP Packer system together with the FP seal system allows for a one trip completion system.


  • External Retrieving Neck allows retrieval thru obstructions
  • One-piece Packer and Top Coupling reduces leak paths while  retaining greater bore alignment
  • Two-piece release mechanism designed for straight pull release; no jarring required
  • Large bore thru packer and seals
  • Three-piece high pressure Echner Array sealing element
  • Splined not keyed for ease of milling if required
  • Case hardened bi-directional slips
  • Lower gage ring to prevent premature setting

Magnum FP Specifications

Magnum FP Packer (pdf)