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The Model 14 Packer was designed primarily for injection wells that

require special alloy construction. Employing duel bores the upper bore of the packer is made to accept a latch in type seal assembly, that when installed maintains the thru bore of the packer.


  • Hydraulically set utilizing 4 jaws (slips) that telescope outward to grip the ID of the casing
  • 3 element packing system to isolates the casing ID to the packer ID
  • The setting force is then captured by means of a body lock ring that then transmits the set load to the packer mandrel
  • The packer is designed in such a way that in the event milling is required the upper components are rotationally locked to the slips
  • All internal or wetted components (Blue) can be made with alloys such as Titanium, Hastalloy, 316 Stainless Steel or any other exotic material that can be machined
  • The packer releases by a straight pull of the setting sleeve, and a special lock mechanism can also be installed to keep the packer from re-setting after it has been released, allowing up and down movement in the event of a tight spot

Model 14 Packer Specifications

Model 14 Injection Well Packer (pdf)