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The RTLL is in the final stages of testing for use with a work string and will be available in mid-January 2020. The RTLL is also being designed to run with coil tubing and a mud motor using a special flow control valve. This design will provide the same results as a work string at a considerable cost savings.


  • Cleans laterals with rotating mills and nozzles
  • The RTLL is activated by 60 gpm filtered flow rate to enter a lateral
  • RTLL tool can deflect up to six degrees to enter any lateral
  • Can enter open hole laterals and laterals with liners
  • Upon entering the lateral the RTLL will lock straight
  • Workstring rotation can be used to clean the lateral
  • Cleans your lateral in one day
  • Only one trip required when using the RTLL
  • No need to set concaves or finders when using the RTLL
  • Large flow rates for extended reach lateral cleanouts
  • 3-1/8" x 3-3/8" x 60" with high tensile connections utilized to access 4" id and larger laterals
  • Will also operate with air-foam and n2
  • Under balance clean outs, post cleanout and formation treatment friendly

3 3/8" OD Lateral Locator Specifications

3.375 RTLL Presentation (pdf)